School Fundraising Projects of San Antonio Elementary School


Fundraising helps an organization or an institution improve and develop throughout the years.


Mercedita Sandoval-Padilla
Teacher III
San Antonio Elementary School

Fundraising is essential for an institution to develop. It is the process of collecting voluntary donations from individuals, businesses, and other sources to support a cause or organization. It involves activities such as campaigns and events.

Greater innovations and contributions can be made through this strategy. It helps an organization or an institution improve and develop throughout the years. San Antonio Elementary School has been continuously developing its learning environment over the past years.

According to Lon Watters “A school is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside”. To ensure that we will have that tomorrow we must provide the learners with a healthy, pleasing, and efficient learning environment. The school infrastructure had been increasing and improving.

Projects were made by the school funds during events such as the UN or United Nations fundraising during October. They were able to raise a huge sum of money, enough to cover the expenses needed to build the landmark I LOVE SAES on the campus. This is one of the first things that the passersby see when they pass through the school premises.

It is indeed a great innovation enabling people to recognize the school. In addition, the landmark had been capturing the attention of the local and nonlocal citizens. This contributed to the beautification of the school campus. Beautifying and enhancing the learning environment can be a great way to promote the school. It is pleasing to the eyes and can awaken the interest of the parents to let their children study at San Antonio Elementary School.

Beautiful surrounding gives an efficient and calm learning environment to learners. During another fundraising in February, they were able to construct three park sheds located in various areas of the campus. Those parks also contributed to the beautification of the surroundings of the school, they served many purposes. It offers refuge for the students from the scorching heat of the sun. These park sheds are a huge help for students to take cover from the sun’s heat and avoid getting wet from the rain while they are waiting for their ride. Some of the learners use the park sheds to eat as well. It is a multipurpose park shed that is beneficial for the learners.

Generally, fundraising played a big role in the development of the San Antonio Elementary School. From innovative beautification that served many roles in the well-being of the learners and the school to constructing and improvising the facilities to provide comfort, safety, and to give the learners the school that they deserve.

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