Modern Technology How It Affects Human Biology



Baby Yesha D. Borres
Teacher III
Habib Moin Anduhol Memorial Elementary School
Ipil District, Zamboanga Sibugay

In a world of circuits, wires,
and light,
Where screens glow bright into the night,
Technology dances with grace and might,
A symphony of innovation, a wondrous sight.

Bytes and bits in a digital sea,
Connect us all, from
you to me,
In the palm of our hands, the world we
Boundless possibilities, wild
and free.

From pixels
to pixels, we traverse,
Navigating realms,
our minds immerse,
In virtual realms,
we converse,
A tapestry of
connections, diverse.

But amidst the
dazzle, let’s not
The human touch,
lest we regret,
For in the heart, true
connection is set,
Beyond the screens,
where souls are met.

So let us embrace
this technology,
With mindful hearts
and souls set free,
For in its embrace,
may we truly see,
A world where love
and innovation agree.

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